kitty condo

I started working on a kitty condo for a feral litter of kittens that I am sheltering until I can get them adopted out. I got one adopted already and I decided to adopt two myself but am still looking for three loving homes for some cuddly balls of fluff and cuteness. In the meantime I thought that a place they could play in/on and scratch up would save my furniture. Turns out this is pretty true! I used some plywood, a 4′ long 4×4 post, a 4′ long 12″ diameter cardboard tube, and some Manila rope from Home Depot and some carpet I picked up at Walmart for 20 bucks as the basic building blocks for my design. Walmart was the cheapest by far of the places I looked.

I sliced the tube up with a bandsaw and with the aid of a simple jig, cut some rounds out of the plywood. Used a utility knife to cut some openings in the sides and slots for some internal steps. I wrapped one piece of the 4×4 with the rope and added some steps to it and covered the whole thing with carpet. I found some accent carpet colors at the 99 cent store. Still plan to stitch over the edges of the exterior steps with a thinner natural fiber rope, but am trying to think of the best way to accomplish it. I am almost finished assembling it and will post more pics of the process soon. <div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 2058px"at the beginning

at the beginning


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