when it rains it pours

I haven’t written anything in a while. It’s not out of any lack of things to write about, but rather a lack of time in which to do so.

It seems like for a long time, I was struggling because it was hard to find jobs. And while it is still hard to find the type of work I’d prefer to be doing, I have been making ends meet. One of the downsides to not working for a firm, is the lack of steady reliable income. A person in my predicament, generally, must subsidize the erratically earned architecture related funds with those gained by holding down a service related “day job.” Kind of like a fledgling actor or artist. With the turn over rate being fairly sizable, my hours have been numerous, which helps to offset the fact that the hourly rate leaves much to be desired. On the flip side, it leaves less time for moonlighting and seeking out new ventures.

That said, the need for seeking out new ventures is not really an issue. They seem to have sought me out. I was asked to take on a small kitchen remodel for a friend of my mother. Not a super exciting project but at least it is architectural in spirit. After a few weeks and several iterations, the client decided to go with one of the least exciting schemes because the contractor (whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting) talked her out of relocating her kitchen to a space that made more sense. Oh well, and just as we are discussing how to move forward with the project I get a message from an old coworker.

She has her own design firm now, and could use a little help. Filled out a W-9 and launched head long into an array of different projects. The work is fun. Or maybe, fulfilling is a better adjective. Diverse typologies, and a good excuse to finally use the 2012 version of autoCAD and NOT set it to classic view. And just when I’ve gotten comfortable juggling the aforementioned, I get a phone call.

It’s my second cousin, once removed. Now, for the longest time he’s told me that he will have some work for me to do once I finish up with school. Since he lives in Mission Viejo, we pretty much only talked at the reunion-esque forth of July parties my great aunt throws. With very little actual follow up. This time however, he meant business. He has convinced me to join him in some top secret endeavors. Which is great. Pay is good, projects are stimulating despite not being architectural in nature. One of the best things about my very expensive and expansive education is the broad scope of software knowledge I’ve acquired. So that’s pretty much all I’m at liberty to discuss at the moment, as NDAs are to follow.
On top of all these projects, I have an array of smaller things to work on in my “spare time.” I am currently developing a website, which I hope to launch soon. Challenging because of all the programming languages involved. Not only do I have to be fluent enough to code in them, and flexible enough to be able to switch between them, but I also have to get them to play nicely with one another. And my old roommate is doing his thesis so I will likely be recruited for that this month as well. So, all told, I am a very busy girl. But I’m not complaining. 🙂

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