permanent hat hair

Lately, it seems, I have been having to wear so many different hats that I swear it feels like I will have permanent hat hair. Which isn’t a complaint really; I kind of enjoy it. It’s probably one of the best parts of the current economic climate. Since I am not doing the kind of work I’d like to be, I’ve had to break out some different hats from my collection in order to make ends meet.

One such hat is the web designer/coder’s hat. It is something I enjoy doing. I like the challenges and rewards and especially the numerous ways to solve each problem. So I guess it’s not far from the “drawing board” I’m used to. In addition to hone my eye for graphics, I feel it helps to keep my coding skills for architecture sharp as well. For me coding logic is all pretty much the same just different syntax. Like switching between AutoCAD and Rhino– still making lines and forms but with different commands. Each program/language has it’s benefits and shortcomings so a sound understanding of what each has to offer is a big plus.

A big benefit of the website coding is that all I need is a text editing app and an internet connection. I don’t even need my laptop. I’ve gotten to a point where I can work on a project just about anytime, anywhere. I have even coded in my dreams and been able to fix some issue upon waking. Crazy stuff.

This autonomy from my laptop is especially good because that brings me to another hat to discuss. Recently my replacement power chord died. Seeing as I could not afford to buy another one, that I had two broken ones at my disposal and I couldn’t really see how I could be worse off than I was (chargerless), I donned my electrical/mechanical repair technician hat. I removed the rubber foot pads and disassembled the box. I poured over it’s contents to see if there was something obviously wrong. Luckily, it was, in fact, obvious. The wires at. One of the connections were frayed and touching. After a minute of studying the situation, I decided to remove the insulating sleeves from the area which allowed me to push the “flex protector” down the cord. I removed a bit of the insulation from the chord to give me enough room to work and replaced the “flex protector.” Then, I just separated the exposed bits of the two internal wires and reconnected their frayed parts, keeping them as far away from each other as possible. A little bit of electrical tape later and I was back in business! Total repair cost of 99¢ because I couldn’t find my tape. So what if my cord is now half an inch shorter. It’s not about the length of the cord but the fact that it charges my laptop, am I right? 😉

Finished the repair with just enough time to switch hats back, put together a few finishing touches on the website before my client meeting. Meeting went well and all ‘n all, I feel pretty darned accomplished.

Now, if only I felt this good about the other hat I have to wear in order to make that bottom line. :/ The only real benefit to that hat is that I am thoroughly familiar with health code issues and I know I could lay out a commercial kitchen/restaurant if needed in the future. Oh, and the food’s good.

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