initial consultations are like first dates

And apparently I haven’t had enough practice with either.

Meeting at a public and neutral location because even though you don’t want to let your pessimism get the best of you, you really never know if this will go wrong and you end up needing an escape route. So a Starbucks with cameras is merely a necessary precaution. Arriving extra early and parking far enough away that there’s no way your client will see your car and judge you because you appear to live out of it. Just the usual. Feelings of excitement and anxiety threaten to win over. Stay calm.

It’s really all about how you present yourself, physically and figuratively. Figuring out what to wear- professional but not overdressed. Wondering what you should say- confident but not arrogant. Thinking about the future possibilities and trying to devise a way to make it go well without seeming like you’re trying too hard. So many things flood my mind, my smart green business dress could barely contain all the butterflies!

But I survived. It really helps to have a cool, understanding client. I have to say I have been quite fortunate in that department. But this project is special, the potential is mind-blowing. This could be the one!

Sounds just like a first date if you ask me.

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