thinking iteratively, again and again

After my initial consultation with my newest client, I was left feeling excited and bursting with fresh ideas. I took the bubble diagrams and threw them into the computer only to be utterly disappointed that there simply was not enough space. The clients idea (not drawn to scale), which looked on first inspection to be perfect, neglected to take into consideration certain important dimensions. The stairs could not be a straight run because the head clearance conflicted with a beam in the floor package of the level above. With a two flight stair, we avoid the structural beam issue but it takes a good deal of space away from either the living room or guest room and both upstairs bedrooms. And there was no way to fit a bathroom and two closets, let alone the walk-in closets that the client wanted. After several attempts to coax the plan into something that worked, I found myself perplexed. I wondered where all that energy and enthusiasm went.

Banging my head on the keyboard is only an expression of how I feel, not a constructive measure and although the outcome can at times be humorous, it is mostly just a bad idea. I reassured myself that there was no need for panic. There is always an inherent solution in there somewhere. I stepped back and prioritized my approach. The stairs just can’t be a straight run. And two is safer in case of a fall anyway, I muse. So, I decided to see what I could do with this in mind. After taking a look at both iterations of stair placement, I decided that cheating the living room space was a better idea since it affected fewer rooms overall. Either way there was no way to fit two closets and a bathroom in the space we originally wanted to. But now that the stairs took up a more compact footprint there was plenty of room to move the bathroom and create two generous walk-in closets. At this point, I got my mojo back. Until my client sent me a photo of an awesome straight run stair design he likes. Wonder if I can design something that is similar to it, in the configuration we need. I guess it’s time to send him what I got and see what he thinks.

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