That moment when all the air is sucked out of your lungs…

And you’d scream joyously if it were possible but instead you drawn in a shaky breath and let it out slowly. Your excitement then moves to the rest of your body. You do a happy dance and immediately survey your surroundings for potential witnesses you might have to explain yourself to. This is the moment when you hang up the phone after a very enticing proposal. You have agreed to an interview the following Monday. A meeting to discuss a project. You collect yourself and add the meeting to your calendar… Only to discover you are having a wisdom tooth pulled earlier that same day. Drat. Mind racing, what ever to do?! Reschedule? The appointment or the interview?

After emailing to possibly reschedule the interview, I was struck by a feeling of dread. It was Saturday and I wasn’t entirely sure that I would be able to get a hold of anyone. Although when the response came on Sunday and it seemed like rescheduling would be fine, I couldn’t help but think that it might very well ruin my chances. Monday morning, after the extraction I was feeling surprisingly well. Though I had previously convinced myself that there simply would not be time afterward to make the afternoon appointment, and subsequently hadn’t taken the time to dress for an interview, I realized that I was already on the west side and had time to make it after all. But that would mean arriving in my ripped jeans and tee shirt with little to no make-up and a gaping hole where my tooth had been. I knew I had what it takes to fill the position and I only hoped I could handle the discomfort of both my mouth and being less prepared than I would have liked. Sometimes in life you must take a bit of a risk. I called and asked if it would be possible to meet at the originally scheduled time and the answer was yes.

Fortunately, my gamble pulled off and I got offered the position! Later, after I confided in one of the employees about my embarrassment over my wardrobe, I was informed that they kind of poked fun of the guy they interviewed who had shown up in a suit and tie. So, in the end, my gamble paid off. I guess the moral is: persevere and dress the part. Exhale.

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