I am a graduate of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-arc) & have been working as an intern/ designer at small & medium sized firms while pursuing my degree. Now that I have graduated, I have decided to blog about my experiences of what comes after thesis.

I have had the opportunity to manage several residential remodels through all phases of the design process, from as-builts to expediting at the city. Feeling comfortable at the site, after having personally erected a small type-V residence myself, I made frequent visits during both preliminary & construction phases. The scale of the medium sized firm allowed me to shift between departments, targeting specific fields of the architectural process including: planning, schematic design, 3D modeling, physical model making, interiors, redlining, mark-ups, marketing, competition & graphics.

In addition to architecture, I hone my design skills through jewelry design & fabrication, working with clients on custom commissions. I have been practicing jewelry arts in a studio environment for 8 years & specialize in digital to physical procedures. Lost wax casting & stone setting are among the common techniques I utilize, as well as, more specialized applications such as anodizing & cold forming. I have extensive experience working in ferrous, precious & reactive metals.

I have prided myself in playing an active role in SCI-arc’s Student Union, the student portion of the governing body of the school. I was a member between 2005-2010 & have served two semesters as an officer. Among my many goals were opening avenues of conversation between the administration, staff & students and laying down a structure to bridge the gap between terms.

In my spare time, I worked in the school’s shop coordinating CNC/3D print jobs, helping to maintain the machines and supervising safe tool use, or volunteering for school events. I also enjoy learning new software & am often drawn in to the inner workings of them. I have a particular interest in scripting & investigated it’s role in architecture in my thesis.


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