When one door closes… design your way out through another one.

Sometimes it is really hard to contain my enthusiasm. Maybe that’s because I’m generally such a skeptic that when I finally determine it’s real, I’ve already taken it through so many tests, hoping but all the while disbelieving. The other day, I got a very nice surprise in my email. A message from a potential client! Who found me by way of google… Say what? My site isn’t even really up yet! It’s just a simple temporary page. Shocked and not wanting to let my hopes be too high, I replied and it turns out to be a legit thing.

The site is in Washington State and the project is an addition. The potential client sends over some pictures and a mostly current set of scanned plans. We made an appointment to speak over the phone the next morning. After seeing the images of the design details and direction and the plans, I couldn’t help but throw together the existing house in Rhino. Spoke with the potential client on the phone the next morning. Really wish that I had gone to bed at a more decent hour but I really just couldn’t help myself. Set plans in front of me and they almost instantly become 3d models.

During the phone meeting the client tells me that the plan is to take the existing house, lift it, and place a new first floor underneath.

That seems super exciting! Pretty sure that kind of thing requires a structural engineer. But before I get too excited, I’ve got to actually meet this potential client and hash out the details.

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